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Battery Plate Curing and Drying Chambers

Hygro Tech Engineers are the leading Battery plate curing & drying Chambers manufacturers with over 2 decades of experience. We here manufacture Battery plate curing & drying Chambers with a specialized technology to maintain the humidity & Temperature at different cycles inside the chambers for most accurate curing and drying of Lead acid battery plates. These chambers are completely manufactured in-house with custom built options.

Battery Plate curing Drying Chambers Hygrotech

Battery plate curing & drying Chambers

Curing and Drying Chambers manufactured by Hygro are custom built to any size where both curing and drying will takes place in a single chamber at different cycle times and we serving our respected clients for over 20 years by manufacturing and supplying excellent quality Industrial Curing and Drying Chambers. These chambers are used in various Industrial Applications like Battery industries, Automobile Industries, Defence etc...

drying chambers

Curing & Drying Chambers