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  • Dessicant dehumidifiers

  • flash drying oven

  • Curing Drying Chambers

  • Coverised Automated Drying Oven

  • Gas Purification System

  • Industrial Oven

  • Industrial Specialised Oven

  • Humidity Testing Chambers

  • Product drying Chambers

Industrial Drying Ovens

Hygro Tech Engineers are known for Specialised Drying Ovens that can be customized for various industrial applications.Hygro speciality in ovens due to different requirement we do Batch Drying Ovens, Composite Curing Ovens. We at Hygro Tech offer customization facility on the products as per the client’s requirements and are guided by a team of highly qualified professionals who have mastered the field of thermal engineering. These Specialized Ovens can be used in various industrial applications that provides users with optimal output.

Composite Curing Ovens are need for mainly to cure, temper, dry the composite materials This process is done in a frequent state under a vaccum while being cured.

Drying Ovens

Specialised Ovens