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Lithium Battery Dry Room

Low Dew Point Humidity Control for Battery Production to Ensure high quality and consistency for manufacturing and R&D of the latest battery technologies.HYGRO TECH ENGINEERS are specialists in humidity control with an extensive range of products and services that help our customers achieve their performance and production goals. Battery research and production requires strictly controlled ultra-low humidity levels in order to ensure process consistency and maximize quality, cycle life, storage capacity and production yield.

Hygro Tech Engineers engineering expertise provides low dew point solutions to meet the demanding performance requirements for Lithium Battery dry rooms with optimum energy recovery to reduce the customer’s energy requirement. HYGRO Dehumidification Solution

All HYGRO dehumidifiers provide efficient and consistent humidity control regardless of the ambient or outdoor conditions, ensuring consistent conditions for manufacturing all year round using our Hygro Desiccant Dehumidifiers with two air streams pass simultaneously through two sectors of the desiccant rotor. One air stream is dehumidified to the required humidity level.

The other air stream dries the rotor so it can adsorb moisture again and this accumulated moisture is then exhausted to atmosphere. We deliver cost effective solutions at the highest quality level and our systems are designed according to your requirement

Battery Manufacturing Challenges
Achieving ultra-low dew point conditions (-30° to -55°C or -22° to -67°F dew point) in the dry room
Maintaining consistent conditions through personnel changes
Maintaining consistent conditions while equipment operates and heat loads fluctuate
Maintaining consistent conditions through seasonal ambient conditions
Ensuring stable positive pressure
Minimizing equipment footprint and energy consumption

Maximizes operational flexibility by meeting performance 24/7, during all seasons, all production modes, and varying numbers of personnel
Precise control of humidity and temperature to ensure high quality, repeatable products
Consistent low dew point improves cycle life, product yield and storage capacity
Special low dew point desiccant and purge design saves 30 to 35% on energy requirements and minimizes operational costs
Compact, energy-efficient system reduces footprint

Battery Processes Requiring Low Dew Point Conditions
Slurry Mixing
Electrode Coating/Drying
Electrode Stamping/Punching
Electrode Stacking/Winding
Cell Assembly
Laser Welding
Vacuum Drying
Electrolyte Filling
Battery Sealing
Aging and Formation