Customized Dry Rooms for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Customised Dry Rooms for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Hygro Dry Rooms are manufactured as a complete turnkey package incorporates cooling, heating, Dehumidifiers, chillers/ DX systems, ducting, PLC, and other controls which can maintain the Relative humidity (RH) as low as 0.5 % regardless of ambient conditions mainly used in Lithium Battery manufacturing, R& D centers etc. Hygro desiccant dehumidification systems are designed with innovative energy recovery to minimize operating costs for the customer.That is why Hygro experts work in close partnership with our customers to ensure the most optimum design for each individual project. Hygrosolution provides the lowest energy consumption while meeting the highest performance requirements for advanced battery manufacturing.

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Customised Dry Rooms for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

How Dry Rooms Works

Reduced CO2 Footprint
Industrial manufacturing faces increased pressure for sustainable processes, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and better use of clean energy. Reducing energy consumption related to air dehumidification reduces overall fuel usage and exhaust emissions. The dehumidifier itself can use heat from many sources, enabling clean energy use, and easily integrates with heat recovery programs.
Your Partner in Optimizing the Best Solution
From coating cathodes and anodes, to laser welding, electrolyte filling and de-gassing, low dew point humidity control is critical to battery processing, quality and production yield. Hygro dehumidification solutions can deliver consistent and precise environmental control to meet the demanding specifications required throughout all the production steps in your plant. Each area and chemistry may demand different specifications. In order to fully understand your specific needs, a complimentary Site Review with the customer, contractor or engineer and Hygro engineer is a good first step Dry Rooms in Bangalore Dry Rooms A typical Hygro Dehumidification system for low dew point control incorporates cooling, heating, chillers, ducting and controls. The system uses an energy recovery purge design to recover waste heat off the hottest section of the desiccant wheel (the dehumidification process produces heat) and uses it to help with regeneration. This process reduces the reactivation heater power required. The purge design creates a more energy efficient system with 30 to 35% reduction in energy costs. Other options include night and weekend setbacks, variable flows, and waste heat recovery off integrated DX cooling units. Each project is unique and has its own set of challenges.

Dry Rooms for Lithium Battery manufacturing

Low Dew Point Humidity Control for Battery Production to Ensure high quality and consistency for manufacturing and R&D of the latest battery technologies.HYGRO TECH ENGINEERS are specialists in humidity control with an extensive range of products and services that help our customers achieve their performance and production goals. Battery research and production requires strictly controlled ultra-low humidity levels in order to ensure process consistency and maximize quality, cycle life, storage capacity and production yield. Hygro Tech Engineers engineering expertise provides low dew point solutions to meet the demanding performance requirements for Lithium Battery dry rooms with optimum energy recovery to reduce the customer’s energy requirement. HYGRO Dehumidification Solution All HYGRO dehumidifiers provide efficient and consistent humidity control regardless of the ambient or outdoor conditions, ensuring consistent conditions for manufacturing all year round using our Hygro Desiccant Dehumidifiers with two air streams pass simultaneously through two sectors of the desiccant rotor. One air stream is dehumidified to the required humidity level. The other air stream dries the rotor so it can adsorb moisture again and this accumulated moisture is then exhausted to atmosphere. We deliver cost effective solutions at the highest quality level and our systems are designed according to your requirement

Battery Manufacturing Challenges
  • Achieving ultra-low dew point conditions (-30° to -55°C or -22° to -67°F dew point) in the dry room
  • Maintaining consistent conditions through personnel change
  • Maintaining consistent conditions while equipment operates and heat loads fluctuate
  • Maintaining consistent conditions through seasonal ambient conditions
  • Ensuring stable positive pressure
  • Minimizing equipment footprint and energy consumption
  • Maximizes operational flexibility by meeting performance 24/7, during all seasons, all production modes, and varying numbers of personnel
  • Precise control of humidity and temperature to ensure high quality, repeatable products
  • Consistent low dew point improves cycle life, product yield and storage capacity
  • Special low dew point desiccant and purge design saves 30 to 35% on energy requirements and minimizes operational costs
  • Compact, energy-efficient system reduces footprint
Battery Processes Requiring Low Dew Point Conditions
  • Slurry Mixing
  • Electrode Coating/Drying
  • Electrode Stamping/Punching
  • Electrode Stacking/Winding
  • Cell Assembly
  • Laser Welding
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Electrolyte Filling
  • Battery Sealing
  • Aging and Formation

Dry Rooms For Lithium Battery Manufacturing

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